Employee Benefits

Flexible Employee Benefits Offerings

We help business’s, associations, and boards looking to enhance their employee benefit offerings. We create flexible benefit packages designed to help keep employees engaged and healthy, while assisting you in managing costs, backed by our consistent level of unparalleled service. We are a Full-service provider of Group Heath, Life, Disability or Income Protection, and Long-Term Care, as well as many other critical illness products.

Benefits help with Employee retention, attracting new talent, maintaining a healthy workforce, affecting your bottom line, and provide opportunities for tax deductions to employers and employees.
We have been in business 50+ years and understand the changes in the insurance industry and employee benefits, especially medical benefits. As business owners, your time is money. We commit to making this process seamless and providing unparalleled service.
We understand what the employees see as a benefit and can help you determine what your employees’ value most and what they do not see as a benefit. We sell you. By selling the benefits directly to the employees, we help them understand the value of what the employer is providing.

We can write with all the independent insurance companies in Oregon and several other states. Our goal is to find you the best solution for your situation.

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