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Protecting Your Financial Future

Helping clients meet today’s needs and build assets for tomorrow is important, but at the foundation is helping them protect their financial future. Individual Disability insurance (IDI), Life insurance, and Long-Term Care, provide many solutions to help prepare for the unexpected, like a disabling illness or injury, or death.

Did you know? Applying for Social Security Disability income is about a 24 month process before you start receiving benefits? What do you do for the next few years? Did you know the average disability income is only between $800-$1,800/month, depending on how long you worked before the disability occurred?
Did you also know that the right kind of life insurance, set up the right way, can be tax free? Individually owned Life insurance can provide a tax-free income to your family in the event of your death. Your employer’s life insurance may be taxable to your family.

Life insurance can provide the means to complete a retirement plan if one Spouse dies prematurely. It can also help pay current expenses like continuing to afford medical insurance and staying in your home. We create tailored insurance solutions to help protect your income, your family, your retirement, and more.


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